Continental Divide Trailhand

           Continental Divide Trail                   Great Divide Mountain Bike Route                      Tour Divide

Southern Terminus Trail Coordination   for hikers / cyclists.

by   Jeffery Sharp

Rides,  Local Lodging,  Camping,  Trail Info,  Food Mart,  Fuel Cannisters,  Water,  WiFi,   Mail Drops,  Trail Rescue -!

Call or Text  (24-7)  for more Info:  


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Southern Terminus:   1-hiker         200.00

                                                2-hikers      140.00  per person

                                                3-4 hikers   120.00

   ---  family / friends can ride in and out  for free  ----


Available for Cyclists:          All year

                              Hikers:             All year

Message to Hikers;       "May the sun be at your back and the wind in your face"

Message to Cyclists:    "May the wind be at your back and the sun in your face"

Service,  Safety,  Security